Woodruff Cutters

Woodruff cutters are used for milling (cutting or shaping) woodruff key slots in materials such as steel and aluminium. Woodruff key slots are a pocket intended to accommodate a key - an element used to connect a rotating machine element to a shaft. The whole system is called a keyed joint. A keyed joint allows two joined parts to move securely.

How do woodruff cutters work?

Woodruff cutters are fitted to your milling cutting tool. They have staggered teeth on one side for cutting and shaping. This staggered teeth design is important because it reduces chatter (vibration) and removes more metal at higher speeds than straight teeth woodruff cutters.

What are woodruff cutters used for?

Woodruff cutters can also be used to saw, drill, channel grooves, cut and produce tapered cut-out sections in soft materials, plastics and wood.

Common keyed components in engineering which typically involve the use of woodruff cutters include gears, pulleys, couplings and washers. Common applications include machine tools and automotive applications.

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Part Details Brand Cutter Diameter Cutter Width Overall Length
Dremel HSS Woodruff Cutter, 9.5mm Diameter Dremel 9.5mm - -
Dormer 57 mm HSS Right Hand Woodruff Cutter, 10.5mm Diameter, 2mm Width Dormer 10.5mm 2mm 57 mm
Dormer 57 mm HSS Right Hand Woodruff Cutter, 13.5mm Diameter, 3mm Width Dormer 13.5mm 3mm 57 mm
Dormer 63.5 mm HSS Right Hand Woodruff Cutter, 22.5mm Diameter, 4mm Width Dormer 22.5mm 4mm 63.5 mm
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