Suction Cups

What is a Suction Cup?
Suction cups are also known as Vacuum cups, Vacuum pads, suckers, and Pneumatic suction cups plus they are often used as suction grippers. Suction cups attach to various surfaces from flat to uneven and provide a safe and secure way to move and hold products, automatically or manually. The suction cups mould to the shape of the object they are handling without causing any damage. Suction cups are manufactured from a range of materials and perform well in many environments from light duty to heavy industrial.

How do Suction Cups work?
A suction cup works by having less air pressure on one side of the cup than the other side of the suction cup. When pressure is put onto the suction cup it forces air out of the area, creating a vacuum. The vacuum created enables you to move and lift any product. Suction cups will not work when there is a low atmospheric pressure. You ensure that the suction cup surface is clean and free from dirt or grit ensuring maximum grip.

How Do Pneumatic suction cups work?
When a suction cup contacts the surface of an object, it activates a vacuum generator (such as a blower, vacuum ejector or vacuum pump) that draws air from the space between the cup and the item. As soon as the atmospheric pressure is greater than the pressure between the object and the cup, atmospheric pressure presses the suction cup against the item, holding it firmly.

What is Holding Force?
Holding force is the amount of force required to move an object. This is measured in “Newtons” (N) and when looking for the right suction cup for your use ensure you choose a suction cup that will lift, move the weight and size of the object.

What are Suction Cups made of?
Suction and vacuum cups are made from various material to suit any environment, from the home to industry.
• Rubber
• Silicone
• Nitrile
• Polyurethane
• Fluororubber
• Silicone rubber

Materials suction cups will handle
• Metal
• Glass
• Plastic
• Wood
• Paper
• Food
• Media
• Printing

Suction Cup Types Available

Bellows – excellent for concave and convex shapes. Require minimum pressure. Work on slanted surfaces. Absorbs any alignment problems.

Deep – Excellent with curved objects. Enhanced grip.

Flat - Excellent for glass, metal sheets and cardboard. Any flat or smooth surfaced material.

Suction cups are available in a range of shapes, sizes and design and will handle most products. There is a suction and vacuum cup suitable for every industry and application.
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Part Details Brand Stock Manufacturer Series Pad Type Pad Diameter Pad Material Holding Force Vacuum Entry Direction Connection Type Threaded Connection Size Tube Outside Diameter
SMC 16mm Bellows Silicon Rubber Suction Cup ZP16BS SMC 148 ZP Bellows 16mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
NBR flat pad for suction cup,8mm dia SMC 132 ZP Flat 8mm NBR - - - - -
NBR flat pad for suction cup,6mm dia SMC 117 ZP Flat 6mm NBR - - - - -
SMC 4mm Flat Conductive NBR Vaccum Pad ZPT04UGN-A5
  • RS Stock No. 827-8719
  • Brand SMC
  • Mfr. Part No. ZPT04UGN-A5
SMC 94 ZPT Flat 4mm Conductive NBR - Vertical Male Thread M5 x 0.8 -
Aventics 20mm Bellows Fluoromethyl Silicone Suction Cup 1820415037 Aventics 80 BSG Bellows 20mm Fluoromethyl Silicone 5.7N - Male Thread 1/8 in -
SMC 25mm Bellows Silicon Rubber Suction Cup ZP25BS SMC 78 ZP Bellows 25mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
SMC 10mm Bellows Silicon Rubber Suction Cup ZP10BS SMC 69 ZP Bellows 10mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
SMC 25mm Flat with Rib NBR Suction Cup ZP25CN
  • RS Stock No. 725-412
  • Brand SMC
  • Mfr. Part No. ZP25CN
SMC 66 ZP Flat with Rib 25mm NBR - - - - -
NBR flat pad for suction cup,2mm dia SMC 61 ZP Flat 2mm NBR - - - - -
SMC 50mm Flat with Rib NBR Suction Cup ZP50CN
  • RS Stock No. 725-428
  • Brand SMC
  • Mfr. Part No. ZP50CN
SMC 60 ZP Flat with Rib 50mm NBR - - - - -
SMC 8mm Bellows NBR Suction Cup ZP08BN SMC 59 ZP Bellows 8mm NBR - - - - -
SMC 32mm Bellows Silicon Rubber Suction Cup ZP32BS SMC 56 ZP Bellows 32mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
SMC 50mm Bellows Silicon Rubber Suction Cup ZP50BS SMC 55 ZP Bellows 50mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
SMC 50mm Flat Silicon Rubber Vacuum Cup ZP50US SMC 52 ZP Flat 50mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
SMC 13mm Bellows Silicon Rubber Suction Cup ZP13BS SMC 49 ZP Bellows 13mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
SMC 8mm Flat Silicon Rubber Suction Cup ZP08US SMC 45 ZP Flat 8mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
SMC 6mm Bellows Silicon Rubber Vaccum Pad ZPT06BS-A5
  • RS Stock No. 827-8800
  • Brand SMC
  • Mfr. Part No. ZPT06BS-A5
SMC 41 ZPT Bellows 6mm Silicon Rubber - Vertical Male Thread M5 x 0.8 -
SMC 20mm Bellows Silicon Rubber Suction Cup ZP20BS SMC 39 ZP Bellows 20mm Silicon Rubber - - - - -
NBR flat pad for suction cup,4mm dia SMC 36 ZP Flat 4mm NBR - - - - -
SMC 32mm Flat with Rib NBR Suction Cup ZP32CN SMC 35 ZP Flat with Rib 32mm NBR - - - - -
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