Lockout Stations

What is it?
A lockout station or lock box is a secure place for the storage of padlocks, lockout hasps, valves and tags. The stations can be made of durable plastic or metal and are often coloured yellow or bright red for easier identification. Lockout stations can be wall-mounted open stations, wall-mounted lockable enclosures or portable group boxes.
What does it do?
Lockout stations provide a central, easy accessible point to hold safety equipment for repair and maintenance engineers. The stations are found in any factory, mill or plant that has running machinery. Coloured padlocks, lockout hasps and valves are stored here.
When electrical panels, moving motors or heavy-duty machines are due for inspection they must be shut down before any essential repair work can be carried out. Equipment must be safely locked and padlocked out and tagged. This procedure ensures that equipment cannot accidentally be started up while being worked on. When safely secured work can commence. Engineers are responsible for their padlocks and hasps, Identification tags. Some of the most common applications are;
• Electrical switch panels
• Motors
• Conveyor belts
• Milling machines
• Industrial saws
• Wall-mounted open stations
• Wall-mounted lockable stations
• Portable group boxes
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Part Details Brand Stock Number Of Padlocks Height Width
Portable Padlock Station,without Content Brady 106 - 431.8 mm 336.55mm
40 Padlock Lockout Station RS Pro 44 40 155 mm 110mm
Ope nlockout station 10 LOCKS - WGOODS RS Pro 43 10 406 mm 508mm
7 Padlock Lockout Station RS Pro 42 7 40 mm 293mm
5 Padlock Lockout Station Brady 39 5 292 mm 393mm
18 Lock, Mini Lockout Padlock Station RS Pro 34 18 75 mm 348mm
20 Padlock Lockout Station Brady 32 20 597 mm 292mm
10 Padlock Lockout Station Brady 25 10 342 mm 342mm
12 Lock, Mini Lockout Padlock Station RS Pro 20 12 75 mm 237mm
42 Padlock Lockout Station RS Pro 16 42 460 mm 390mm
16 Padlock Lockout Station RS Pro 15 16 40 mm 343mm
Steel wall cabinet,203x178x76mm Brady 15 - 203 mm 178mm
40 Padlock Lockout Station RS Pro 10 40 155 mm 110mm
6 Padlock Lockout Station RS Pro 9 6 410 mm 360mm
48 Padlock Lockout Station RS Pro 1 48 585 mm 545mm
6 Lock, Mini Lockout Padlock Station RS Pro 1 6 75 mm 126mm
Lockout Station With Components,10 Panduit 1 10 584.2 mm 292.1mm
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