Key Accessories

Key accessories feature many different type of add-ons you can apply to your keys to personalise or organise them.

How do they work?

They usually are attached to your key or keychain via small hole in the accessory. They then hang there and should stay in place.

Types of Key accessory:
•Key rings – These types of key ring are circular in nature and fit most types of keys and other key rings. They are useful in that they can hold several different keys at one time

•Key reel - These hold a key ring on the end, but are usually attached to a wire or cabling system that extends and retracts back allowing you to use your keys without having to detach the reel by extending the wire.

•Key tabs or tags – These are usually very colour full and add on to keys with the intention of organisation. They also sometimes have small amounts of paper built into them that allow you to write on them.

Features and benefits:
•Colour code your keys so you know which key fits certain locks

•You can write short descriptions inside the fittings to have written representation to help yourself or others identify the use of the key

•Keep all your keys in one place

•Durable and strong

Where might I use one?
•Your own personal keys

•Business or premises keys
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Part Details Brand Stock Type Quantity Per Package
Rottner Comsafe Plastic Key Tags Rottner Comsafe 24200 Key Tag 200
Replacement steel split ring,16mm OD RS Pro 16660 Key Ring 20
Replacement steel split ring,25mm OD RS Pro 12120 Key Ring 20
Replacement steel split ring,9.5mm OD RS Pro 9680 Key Ring 20
Replacement steel split ring,38mm OD RS Pro 9500 Key Ring 20
Securikey Plastic Key Tags Securikey 7900 Key Tab 100
Replacement steel split ring,20mm OD RS Pro 5040 Key Ring 20
Replacement steel split ring,30mm OD RS Pro 4500 Key Ring 20
Replacement steel split ring,28mm OD RS Pro 3300 Key Ring 20
Replacement steel split ring,32mm OD RS Pro 3000 Key Ring 20
Replacement steel split ring,13mm OD RS Pro 2120 Key Ring 20
Numbered seal for emergency key cabinet Securikey 910 Key Cabinet Seal 10
Keyreel Karabiner 1200mm Kevlar Cord Securikey 582 Key Reel 1
Self Retracting Keyreel with Spring Clip Securikey 256 Key Reel 1
Securikey Emergency Key Cabinet Replacement Glass Securikey 235 Key Cabinet Glass 5
Industrial self retracting key reel Securikey 163 Key Reel 1
Self Retracting Keyreel with Belt Loop Securikey 94 Key Reel 1
Index Card Holder for Key Cabinet Securikey 92 Index Card Holder 1
Self Retracting Keyreel with Bracket RS Pro 92 Key Reel 1
Securikey Retractable Key Chain Securikey 57 Key Reel 1
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