Fire Alarm Accessories

Fire alarm accessories are auxiliary devices used to enhance the effectiveness of fire alarm systems. They have various roles to play in helping to provide an early warning benefit and the potential to save life and property.

What are fire extinguisher accessories used for?

Fire alarm accessories are used in various environments including schools, offices, restaurants, hotels and private residences.

An emergency break glass, for example, allows building occupants to signal that a fire or other emergency exists in the premises. They are usually connected to a central fire alarm control panel which is in turn linked to the building's alarm system.

Automatic fire door holds will listen out for the sound of a fire alarm, and automatically close the fire door after a few seconds of a fire alarm going off. They enable you to safely and legally hold fire doors open, by allowing the door to close thus preventing the spread of smoke and fire.

Types of fire extinguisher accessories

Common fire extinguisher accessories include:

  • Replacement glass
  • Test keys
  • Break glass covers
  • Break glass
  • Automatic fire door holds
  • Auxiliary relays
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Part Details Brand Stock Accessory Type
RS PRO Storage Holdall Set RS Pro 45 -
Dorgard Fire Alarm Control Panel Dorgard 9 -
Fire Safety document Holder A4 RS Pro 6 -
Fire Safety log Book Wall Holder With A4 RS Pro 4 -
Dorgard Fire Alarm Control Panel Dorgard 3 -
Fire Safety Document cabinet With Key Lo RS Pro 2 -
Replacement Glass for Manual Call Point KAC 5485 Replacement Glass
Spare Test Keys for Manual Call Point KAC 4340 Test Key
Protective Hinged Cover KAC 975 Protective Hinged Cover for all KAC Call Points
RS PRO Break Glass Cover RS Pro 828 Clear Cover
Replacement windows for keyguard keycase Hoyles 680 Keyguard Window
KAC Flexible Operating Element KAC 641 Flexible Operating Element
Spare break glass for call point RS Pro 470 Break Glass
Spare glass for manual call point,10 pcs Fulleon 432 Spare Glass
Diode base for Apollo smoke detector Apollo 190 Diode Base
Cranford Controls Auxiliary Relay Cranford Controls 40 Auxiliary Relay
Telescopic extension pole,1.13m L No Climb 32 Telescopic Access Pole
Telescopic extension pole,4.5m L No Climb 19 Telescopic Access Pole
Legrand Clear Cover Legrand 11 Clear Cover
Universal detector removal tool No Climb 6 Detector Removal Tool
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