CCTV Cables

Closed Circuit Television Cables commonly known as CCTV Cables are designed to transmit video signal and power within the CCTV systems. They are used to connect cameras and signal receivers.

Cables usually consist of 2 portions. First one is a Coax BNC ended cable with female connectors at both ends that allow connection between a CCTV Camera and DVR or monitor. The power portion of the cable is male at one end and female at the other.

Coax cables are available in many different types and grades but the two most common ones are RG58 and RG59. The difference between them is a resistance of cables. RG58 is 50 Ohm and RG59 is 75Ohm. The RG59 Coax cables can be used in CCTV systems with straight runs up to 1000 feet long. However, bending of the CCTV cable can reduce its performance and result in a weaker video signal.

Pre-made CCTV Coax Cables are typically terminated in one of two most common ways: F Type or BNC type connectors.

F Type Connectors are commonly used in all video applications e.g. TV tuners, Home Theatre Systems. Very rarely used with CCTV.

BNC Connectors are high-quality connectors that provide a positive twist and lock attachment via a slot & pin arrangement formed into the male and female connectors. BNC Connectors are typically used to connect CCTV devices.

Unterminated CCTV Cables are commonly known as Shotgun cables due to its shape and look. The same as pre-made cables are build of two lines, coaxial line and power cable. Unterminated CCTV Cables need BNC connectors and power connector to be installed on each end for proper CCTV operation. There is a selection of splitters, couplers and other accessories available for both BNC and power connectors.
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Part Details Length Stock Reel Length
RS PRO Black RG59 Coaxial Cable 6.1mm OD 250m - 2750 250m
RS PRO Black RG59 Coaxial Cable 6.1mm OD 100m - 100 100m
CCTV extention cable video and power 7m 7m 68 -
CCTV extention cable video and power 20m 20m 39 -
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